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21 di Novembre, 2022 - Fotos y foto de Luis Filipe. (Sessioni) - Commenti -

Anastasia Dneptovskaya

i am lucky the my passion is my work .

Once again in Monaco I meet a person who likes and is passionate about my work.

In this case Anastasia Dneptovskaya a Ukraine who visit Monaco for a few days and by chance I meet her through a couples app. 

Between laughs, we talked ab out talking photos. Being her fist time, she is encouraging to pose in front of my camera.

Starting with some outdoor photos, and later a boudoir session without fear with a very nice result. 

Thanks Anastasia.


Boudoir y sensual

Shooting Luis Filipe 2022

Freelance Photographer
Phone: (+33) 0 673 28 55 96

shooting nice boudoir
Sensual model Ukraine
shooting boudoir cote d azur feance

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