Liuci new collection

22 July 2021 - Photos et photographie Luis Filipe (Shootings) - Comment -
New Liuci collection ( Swimwear )

In this life you can meet a lot of people. In my life I have been lucky enough to meet extraordinary people, creative people, people with ideas, enterprising people, people without fear of trying and without a doubt Liuci is an example.

This friend is an entrepreneur with winning to create, fight for her dreams and create a line of swimwear designed especially for Yachts, a collection of bikinis and swimsuits very different created with high quality and extraordinary taste.

And I have been lucky enough to be able to work with her and make some of the photos of her designs, I invite you to visit her website

Luis Filipe Photographer - mg-5299-liuci.jpg
_MG_5286 liuci
_MG_5294 Liuci
_MG_5300 Liuci
MG_5299 Liuci
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