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10 August 2023 - Photos et photographie Luis Filipe (Shootings) - Comment -

Donna Souvet

I always say that my best photos are not published or were not published.

I did this session in Spain in 2017, whose session was after 2 years of searching for models, look, and location, after finishing those photos we went to have a drink and they took away my equipment. But on other occasions my best photos are not published because they are for clients, publicity or because I keep them for myself.

Since many times my work is something sentimental with passion or affection and out of respect I do not publish these works waiting for a good moment or an exhibition.

But this session has been with a friend, a crazy person who shares my passion, my crazy things and we live them to the fullest together.
Luis Filipe Photographer - donna.jpg
Luis Filipe Photographer - donaaa2-1.jpg
Right now Donna is a source of inspiration, energy to create, do those crazy things I always wanted and both outside and inside my work she is an artist.

This session was one of those that made me feel something special, without being able to take all the shots we wanted but with some images that make me happy to be able to see and show them.

Thank you for your time and passion for our follies. #teamAQUARIO
Luis Filipe Photographer - donna-1.jpg

At what time did I come up with a photo like this, maybe years ago, thinking about the song here is no beach... being in Madrid one August, very hot.
And years later, just 300 meters from the sea, together with my Canadian friend, we take those illogical photos that many will imitate later.

And that is called creating art, when others follow your ideas.

In my world the crazy one is you.

never stop living like a child. Children live their lives to achieve their dreams.

Shooting inside a fountain model Bikini,
Place garibaldi, Nice France
En Mi Mundo el loco eres tú
photos inside a fountain GARIBALDI, Nice
photos inside a fountain
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Always a pleasure shooting with Luis. Professional, ambitious and passionate. Great energy and magic shared in every photo.

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