MODEL: Zizka ( Germany)

12 June 2023 - - Comments -

Model Ziska 

( Fran Ziska, Germany)

Follow: @Ziska1708

Without adoubt, working with people like Fran is a pleasure. Being able to meet people as fun as this beautiful model is a real pleasure. 

In this shooting they are a sample of what we can do together, a (phototest) of some idea that will come later.  

This German, living in Switzerland, visits Nice and without thinking about it we start to create something with incredible energy.

Luis Filipe Photographer - shooting-ziska-color-1.jpg
Luis Filipe Photographer - shooting-ziska-nice-monaco-louis-philippe.jpg
Luis Filipe Photographer - freelance-photographer-a-nice-monaco-luisfilipephoto-com.jpg
Luis Filipe Photographer - ziska-model-shooting-nice-france.jpg

Luis Filipe Photographer - freelance-photographer-a-nice-monaco-luisfilipephoto-com.jpg

Shooting Luis Filipe 

Luis Filipe Photographer - shooitng-luis-filipe-look-book-monaco.jpg

Photo TEST ( Book )


- 8/12 Photos

-Personal photo selection Luis Filipe

- 1 hour and half photos

- Photos without signature

- Costume changes available

- Digital delivery

 - Video making of - Free * Special Offer 160€

Luis Filipe Photographer - photos-free-monte-carlo.jpg

Photo TEST ( Social Media )


- 6/8 Photos

- Personal photo selection Luis Filipe

- 1 hour photos shooting


- Availability USE OF PHOTOS

- Digital delivery Special offer 90€

Luis Filipe Photographer - shooitng-luis-filipe-look-book-1.jpg

Shooting LOOK BOOK


- 15/20 Photos

- Personal photo selection Luis Filipe

- Plus Selection of discarded photos ( without editing )

- 2 hour and half photos shooting


- Costume changes

- Digital delivery 

- Video making of

- Video photo shooting ( Edit )Special offer 290€

Luis Filipe Photographe Monaco, Cannes
Photograph a Nice, Cannes
shooting Boat, bikini summer 2023
Freelance photographer Monaco
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Sophie Smith
I would like to work with you.
I want a photo shoot on the beach, Wednesday would be possible.

Kiss Sophie
The shooting was very nice! Luis is a very pleasant and creative person. He definitely makes sure that the outcome of photos will be great!

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