Practical guide to street photography - Workshop Avila 1131

09 March 2019 - Shootings & Workshop - Comment -

Luis Filipe Photographer - g-7JIiaxydKOsuPHZsUUwrMfDxYKHmPpWvbTuMNY7jqrTY847wps_OY7ca4-Tgpefq69hSSU239ZsXamxEboTbylpDvidllsSya13YM_GQsjcjqkcszz7NLSD_M4lLEeAajX9oTZ5EcYW-x3cA

Street Photo by Luis Filipe

Street photography is up to date, being a complex discipline with great international photographers and world leaders. Today we can find countless resources of this discipline that has

hooked to so many, pushing us out into the street with the camera in hand to find images that show the world we inhabit in a different way.

                Street photography

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Raquel Belen
Gracias por tus consejos y tienes muy buenas fotos.

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