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12 January 2023 - Photos et photographie Luis Filipe (Shootings) - Comment -

Shooting flowers

юбов як квітка Він може народитися і вирости в найменш очікуваному місці.

New shooting :

Without a doubt, being able to work with someone like Tatiana is a pleasure. On this occasion, an outdoor photo session, in the city of Nice.  

Some somewhat improvised photos with an incredible result.

Luis Filipe Photographer - shooting-flowers-nice.jpg


Luis Filipe Photographer - new-shooting-monte-carlo-monaco.jpg

Luis Filipe Photographer - shooting-luis-filipe-monte-carlo.jpg

Luis Filipe Photographer - belleza.jpg

Shooting Nice 2023

Phone: (+33) 7 64 01 32 15

             (+34) 610 43 18 39
shooting Luis Filipe
portrait Luis Filipe Photo
Shooting Niza Tatiana
shooting Monte Carlo
shooting LF
Louis Philipe Photo
fotos Luis filipe
fotos Luis Filipe Monaco
shooting black white
shooting black white portrait
street fashion Luis Filipe Monte Carlo
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Merci beaucoup! C’était le plaisir de travailler avec toi! Tu es tres créatif, passionné et investi dans l’art! 🫶🏼 C’était échange des bonnes énergies ✨

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