Shooting Clara, Vintage style

10 juillet 2023 - Fotos e fotografia Luis filipe (Sessions) - Commenter -


Maybe there is Karma. But I believe that life is based on the power of attraction. If you attract good things, good things happen to you. 

In this shooting I not only met a good friend, but two. Two artists, two girls who can be counted on for projects, ideas, a drink... Friends who become clients and clients who become friends. 

First shooting with a super nice energy full of laughter and more ideas in mind.  

Lucky to be able to thank you friend for this day and for everything that comes.

Luis Filipe Photographer - clara-1.jpg
Luis Filipe Photographer - calra-2.jpg


She is clear, an Architect who comes to Monaco for work and like everything in life we ​​know each other for something, and this is one of those projects and ideas of so many that we still have to create. Thanks friend

Luis Filipe Photographer - gabriella-di-monte-carlo-fashion.jpg
Luis Filipe Photographer - new-look-gabriella-di-sun-monaco.jpg
Luis Filipe Photographer - fashion-style-monaco.jpg
Luis Filipe Photographer - shooting-plhoto-in-monaco.jpg
Luis Filipe Photographer - shooying-fashion-monaco.jpg

Look :

Heart corset + denim created by Gabriella di Sambuy


Beautiful things happen for a reason. She is Gabriela, a fashion designer, with a great job of ideas, and creating design pieces that are worth admiring. In this shooting with Clara, all the costumes are created by Gabiella and as a creative mind she joined our shooting, going from being behind the cameras to being in front of the cameras. 

You can see more photos and works of this artist.

Luis Filipe Photographer - gabriella.jpg

Shooting Luis Filipe

Luis Filipe Photographer - shooitng-luis-filipe-look-book-monaco.jpg

Photo TEST ( Book 


- 8/12 Photos-Personal photo selection Luis Filipe

- 1 hour and half photos

- Photos without signature

- Costume changes available

- Digital delivery 

- Video making of - Free * Special Offer 160€

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Photo TEST ( Social Media )


- 6/8 Photos

- Personal photo selection Luis Filipe

- 1 hour photos shooting


- Availability USE OF PHOTOS

- Digital delivery Special offer 90€

Luis Filipe Photographer - shooitng-luis-filipe-look-book-1.jpg

Shooting LOOK BOOK


- 15/20 Photos

- Personal photo selection Luis Filipe

- Plus Selection of discarded photos 

( without editing )

- 2 hour and half photos shooting


- Costume changes

- Digital delivery 

- Video making of

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Special offer 290€

Shootign fashion Shooting Monte Carlo

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