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21 août 2023 - Fotos e fotografia Luis filipe (Sessions) - Commentaire -

Friends travel

The most beautiful thing to travel is to have a friend with whom you can enjoy.
In this case these two friends visit the Côte d'Azur, Nice, Monaco and we meet through the couchsurfing app. And without a doubt it is something nice to be able to connect with two people.

You want a photo session, on your trip to the south of France, we can collaborate and have your photo session for free. Write to me and we'll talk.

+33 0 788716515


Dasha & Balera

Luis Filipe Photographer - summer-tt.jpg
Luis Filipe Photographer - amazzing-love.jpg
Luis Filipe Photographer - friends-sunet-summer.jpg Luis Filipe Photographer - street-photo-models-ukraine.jpg

The experience

Many times I do photo sessions, collaboration with artists, models or celebrities. But it's always nice to meet people. and without a doubt, for me, coinciding with you has been the best experience of this summer. I am the one who is grateful for your time, ideas, photos and days that I will never forget.


Luis Filipe Photo

Book your photo session.
And if you have a creative idea we can collaborate and take some free photos.


Tuesday – Saturday: 7 AM – 2.30 PM
Sunday - Monday: 7AM – 8.30 PM
Phone: (+33) 0 788716515 

Luis Filipe Photographer - 1111.jpg

Without a doubt, for me this experience has been very beautiful and I will have this memory in my life for many years. thanks for everything.

by Dasha

The best gift in this life is to be able to live it one more day.
But living it by your side is the most beautiful thing in the world. #photofriends #friendsphotos 

From this adventure I take some photos but I also take a beautiful friendship and a good friend

by Balera
Luis Filipe Photographer - 111.jpg

Looking in the rearview mirror and being able to leave is the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced, not because you are behind me but because I see you next to me.

amazzing love
Summer love friends Sunset
Summer 2023 Cote d´Azur, France, Monaco
Friends forever
Photo shoot in Nice, Cannes Free
Friends ucraine girls
summer love
summer love nice
summer love
girls in bikini at sunset on the beach
girl in a bikini at sunset on the rocks
girl in a bikini at sunset on the sunrise
Ucraine girls in a bikini at sunset
summer shooting Beach sunrise sunset Monaco
Top model Ucraine
Amazing work. I would like to do a photo shoot in Villefranche or Nice with my partner.

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