Ara Malikian to Salamanca - Royal Garage World

09 November 2019 - Photojournalism - Comments -

Ara Malikian in Salamanca - Royal Garage World

Luis Filipe Photographer - IMG_0747%20ara.jpgThe well-known violinist is in full tour, which bears the same title of his latest album 'Royal Garage'. Visiting new cities and countries again, where on this occasion we are in Salamanca again. To see other dates of his concerts visit:

This time he will announce the new sounds of his most recent work, Royal Garage. A title that refers to his essays in garages since 1976, when the war in Lebanon broke out. Throughout the world, the most modern bands rehearsed in garages, took out their sounds and created a style that would change the history of music. And, of course, Ara Malikian did not want to remain without being part of that move.

IMG_0598 ara
IMG_0573 ara
IMG_0574 Ara Malikian
IMG_0865 ara
IMG_0528 ara
IMG_0759 ara
IMG_1073 ara Malikian
IMG_0984 ara
IMG_0997 ara
IMG_1085 Ara Malikian
IMG_0516 ara Salamanca
IMG_1108 Ara Malikian
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Muy bonitas fotos Luis.
Maria Rosa Lopez
Luis!!!! Son unas
Fantásticas y magnificas fotografías, todo un profesional! Gracias Luis

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