Photos for book

21 November 2019 - Photos et photographie Luis Filipe (Shootings) - Comment -

Photos for book

Photos for book 

 Model: Mery Jimenez one of my jobs is to create books for new models, books for agencies or just photo sessions for people who want to have something nice to remember or to give as a gift.

 In this case, it is a #lookbook for a new model to present to her agency and have a professional and complete portfolio. In this post of my blog you will see a part of the photos of this book by Maria, studio and outdoor photos. 

 If you want a professional book write an email to

Luis Filipe Photographer - img-4617-meriii.jpg
IMG_4553 meri
IMG_4617 meriii
IMG_4618 meri
IMG_8279 preciosa
IMG_8842 meri
IMG_8876 meri
IMG_4606 meriii
IMG_4641 meri
IMG_4665 meri
IMG_4676 meri
IMG_4702 meri
IMG_4732 meri
IMG_4869 meri
IMG_4845 meri
IMG_4880 meri
IMG_5014 meri
 maria perfecta
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Luis quiero un book como el de esta chica, con alguna foto en lencería también.

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