Summer 2022, Melodie ( Monte Carlo )

13 julio 2022 - SESIONES DE FOTOS - Luis Filipe - Comentario -
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Empezamos el 2022 en Monaco, con mi querida amiga Melodie, una nueva sesión de fotos al borde del mar, una sesión de las que sin pensarlo mucho conseguimos un trabajo tan increíblemente como el que podemos ver.

Luis Filipe Photographer
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Luis Filipe Photographer - melodie-luis-filipe-photographe-monaco.jpg
Luis Filipe Photographer - melodie-monte-carlo-monaco-1.jpg
Luis Filipe Photographer - model-monte-carlo.jpg

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Melodie Monte Carlo
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His work is always impeccable, he respects and gives confidence like few people.
Melodie is a nice and stylish girl.
Bringing together two people as they are, it is difficult for the result not to be worth it, not only because of the professionalism of both, but also because of their talent and naturalness when it comes to doing what they do.
Lucky to be present and observe how they enjoy.

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